Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong)

As its name suggested, Yunnan black tea was originated from Yunnan, China. It has beautiful golden color and fruity aroma. It is one of the most famous black tea in China.


curly yunnan black tea

curly yunnan black tea


Curly Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong)(΅αΊμΟγΗϊ) Certified Organic

Our Yunnan Black teas are produced by Yunnan Tea Research Institute using special process techniques, and have won many awards since 1999 including a gold award in 2002.

This Curly Yunnan Black is processed using one bud and one leaf. It is rich in golden hairs, has pleasant fruity aroma, and smooth, mellow, full bodied taste.

Harvest Time: Spring 2009

TeaHub Grade: ***

This tea can last 10 infusions.

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Brewing Instruction: Apply 10g Yunnan black tea leaves to a large Gai Wan, add 250ml 100°C hot water and brew for 15 seconds.

For more info on Yunnan Black tea, please visit our Yunnan Black Talk .

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