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Feng Huang Dan Cong (凤凰单丛)

Our Feng Huang Dan Cong is provided by Professor Xiangbai Chen (陈香白), a Chaozhou Gong Fu tea expert in China. Our top grade Feng Huang Dan Cong is made of leaves of the famous Song dynasty tree growing on the top of the Wu Dong mountain (正宗宋种单丛/老株单丛). Feng Huang Dan Cong from high elevations of Wu Dong mountain is considered the best quality.

Brewing Instruction: Apply 10-15 g to a Chao Zhou red clay teapot (潮州朱泥壶) , add 1 teapot 100°C hot water and brew for 20 seconds. Here is a gift Chao Zhou red clay teapot from Professor Xiangbai Chen.

Alternative brewing method for Feng Huang Dan Cong can be found in our Tea Hub blog.

This tea can last 8-10 infusions.

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