WuYi Da Hong Pao/ Big Red Robe

Considered the king of all Oolong teas, WuYi Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) offers unique Yan Yun (rock flavor) that can hook you up after one sip.

Organic Da Hong Pao

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Spring Heavily Roasted WuYi Da Hong Pao/ Big Red Robe (ͳۣ2009 Spring Tea!

USDS Certified Organic! A very popular premium traditional Da Hong Pao (also called Big Red Robe) from WuYi Star Tea Factory, the guardian of the remaining Da Hong Pao parent trees and the designated Da Hong Pao supplier to Chinese State Guesthouse.

This Da Hong Pao has powerful roasted aroma, and thick, smooth taste that all die-hard Da Hong Pao lovers seeking for.

We also carry moderately roasted Da Hong Pao from WuYi.

Harvest Time: May, 2009

TeaHub Grade: ****

This tea can last 8-10 infusions.

Brewing Instruction: Apply 10-15 g to a purple clay or Chao Zhou red clay teapot () , add 1 teapot 100°C hot water and brew for 20 seconds.

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