Young Green Pu-erh Tea

Our Young Green Ancient Tea Tree Pu-eh Bing Cha has been selected as Yunnan Province and Kunming City's designated gift tea for several years and is exported to Japan every year. Watch out for faked ancient tea tree Pu-erh on market. Real ancient tea tree Pu-erh can last 20 infusions, and tea leaves have sharp (sharper than cultivated trees) sawtooth edge, thick blades and clear vein.


small pu-erh brick

small pu-erh brick


2001 Young Green Ancient Tea Tree Small Pu-erh Brick (2001Сש) ) New and Unique!

This unique tea brick was specially made for us by Meng Hai Tea Factory in 2001. It is made of ancient tea tree leaves from Xiang Ming (), Xishuangbanna. This is the only 25g tea brick produced by Meng Hai Tea Factory. After several years' aging, this Pu-erh's taste starts to mellow. It has a nice hint of plum aroma. Approx. weight: 25 g.


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