Authentic Aged Pu-erh Tea


10 year ancient tea tree loose pu-erh  

10 Year Ancient Tea Tree Loose Pu-erh Tea (10 ɢն)

This is a tea that combines the health benefits of both over thousand year old ancient tea tree and aged pu-erh. It brews into reddish liquor and has pleasant ancient tea tree aroma and sweet taste.

Brewing Instruction: Apply 6g to a thick wall rough clay Zi Sha teapot, wash tea for 45 seconds using 90°C hot water, then add 50 times 75-80°C hot water and brew for 1 minute (for adding cream) or 45 seconds (for not adding cream).

This tea can last 10 infusions.

See our tea ceremony section for brewing demo.

Out of Stock! Please check back for availability.

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