Authentic Aged Old Pu-erh Tea

Authentic aged old Pu-erh are highly sought after by Pu-erh collectors. Our long history in Pu-erh industry allows us to source authentic aged pu-erh that can be traced back to their original producers. For more topics on Pu-erh, read our Pu-erh Tea Talk.

28 yr pu-erh golden bud


28 Year Old Pu-erh Golden Bud (28ն/) Rare!

This top grade Pu-erh is made of tea buds and has been carefully aged for 28 years. This aged Pu-erh is very rare. It was lightly fermented, which smoothed out its taste while still allowed it to have the Qi. This Pu-erh is very smooth and sweet. You can fully enjoy this Pu-erh now or collect it to age further!

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