Young Green Pu-erh Tea

Our Young Green Ancient Tea Tree Pu-eh Bing Cha has been selected as Yunnan Province and Kunming City's designated gift tea for several years and is exported to Japan every year.Watch out for faked ancient tea tree Pu-erh on market. Real ancient tea tree Pu-erh can last 20 infusions, and tea leaves have sharp (sharper than cultivated trees) sawtooth edge, thick blades and clear vein.

2006 Yi Wu Mountain Pu-erh

pu-erh yi wu mountain




2007 Yi Wu Mountain Young Green Ancient Tea Tree Pu-erh Bing Cha (2007)

Yi Wu Mountain® is our own trade marked young green Pu-erh bing cha. It is made of pure ancient tea tree leaves from Yi Wu mountain. The high quality of ancient tea tree leaves and the very authentic ancient Pu-erh tea process technique make this Pu-erh cake tea the best choice for Pu-erh drinkers and long term Pu-erh collectors. Spring ancient tea tree leaves were naturally sun-dried and carefully processed. This truely is an organically grown and processed tea. This tea has very nice orchid aroma and last many infusions. This is our own product. Approx. weight: 400 g.

Brewing Instruction: Apply 5 g to a large Gai Wan, wash tea for 25-40 seconds using 90°C hot water, then slowly add 50 times 75-80°C hot water and brew for 20 seconds.

This tea can last 20 infusions.

See our tea ceremony section for brewing demo.

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