Yunnan Black Tea is famous in the world. Besides being widely used in English breakfast teas, premium quality Yunnan Black Tea has long been a favorite of celebrities. We carry different grades of Yunnan Black Teas as well as premium Yunnan Black Teas. Please contact us for a complete list of selections and prices of our black teas. We will never give out your email address for any reason. Read words from our customers here.We pack our teas in our specially designed tea tins.
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Premium Yunnan Black Tea

Feng Shan Golden Bud Black Tea (·οΙ½½πΡΏ) Very Rare!- This rare premium Yunnan Black Tea is Queen Elizabeth's favorite. Only tea buds are hand selected, and each tea bud is of the same size.   8 infusions/3-4g leaves

Special Yunnan Black Tea

Curly Yunnan Black (°λΎνΊμΤΖ) Certified Organic! - OTRDC certified organic Yunnan Black. This wonderful Yunnan Black was made of one bud and one leaf. It has nice fruity aroma, smooth, full bodied taste.   10 infusions/10g leaves


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