Yunnan Black (Dian Hong)
Keemun (Qi Men)

Yunnan Black

Although its history only dated back to 1938, Yunnan Black has no doubt become one of famous Chinese Congou (Gong Gu) tea. Top grade Yunnan Black (known as Feng Shan Golden Bud) has been selected as Chinese government's gift tea to foreign guests since 50s. According to news report,Queen Elizabeth II loved the Feng Shan Golden Bud presented to her as a gift during her visit to Kunming in 1986 and stored it in a glass container for display.

Yunnan Black was first produced in Feng Qing and Meng Hai. Many tea production regions in Yunnan are producing Yunnan Black now. Among them, western Yunnan is the major Yunnan Black production region. Feng Qing, where Feng Shan Golden Bud is produced, is located in western Yunnan. Yunnan Black from Feng Qing, Yun County, and Chang Ning has the best aroma. Yunnan Black from western Yunnan and southern Yunnan can be differetiated by their tastes. While productions from western region tends to taste thick and mellow with crispy aftertaste, those from southern region tends to taste strong and pungent.

Although Yunnan Black can be produced in spring, summer and fall, spring productions are the best, followed by summer productions.


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