A List of 1940 - 1989's Bing Cha

Label (Yin) Pu-erh 40s Early 50s Mid 50s Late 50s 60s
Red Label          
Blue Label (A/B Grade)          
Blue Label (Song Font)          
Blue Label (Arts Font)          
Paperless Red Label          
Paperless Blue Label          
Iron Cake          
Aged Pu-erh Early 70s Mid 70s Late 70s Early 80s Mid 80s Late 80s 90s and Later
Kunming Tea Factory              
Qizi Iron Cake (flat edge and back, nail vein)              
Date Taste Thick Brick (inside ticket)              
7581 - 73 Thick Brick              
7581 - Cultural Revolution Brick              
7581 - 70's Brick              
7581 - 80's Brick              
Xia Guan Tea Factory              
Zhong Cha Iron Cake (Simplified Font)              
Zhong Cha Iron Cake (Traditional Font)              
Xia Guan Brick Tea              
Meng Hai Tea Factory              
Yellow Label Tuo Cha              
Qizi Yellow Label (Ba Zhong inside ticket)              
Qizi Large Yellow Label              
Qizi Large Blue Label              
Qizi Yellow Label Green Cake              
Qizi Red Ribbon Green Cake              
Qizi Shui Blue Label              
7572 Green Cake              
7582 Green Cake              
7532 Green Cake              
7542 Green Cake              
7562 Brick Tea              
7432 Ripe Cake              
7452 Ripe Cake              
8582 Green Cake              
7572 Ripe Cake              
8592 Ripe Cake              
Big Yi Label (started as a label for ripe brick tea, became a label for raw and ripe cake, brick and tuo Pu-erh after 1995)              
Note1: Zhong Cha Iron Cake is also called Xia Guan Green Cake. The ripe cake and raw and ripe combination cake were special order in mid 90s.
Note2: The large Kou Zhong Label (73 Green Cake) is mid 70s 7542 Green Cake.
Note3: The kraft batch wrap, small Kou Zhong, small inside ticket (Xue Yin Green Cake) is the early 80s 7532 Green Cake.
Note4: 7581 - 73 Thick Brick and Cultural Revolution Brick were wrapped in either yellow oilpaper or white bamboo paper. 7581 - 70s and 80s Brick were wrapped in white bamboo paper. Products made in 90s or after were wrapped in wood free paper (Same applied to Xia Guan Brick Tea).
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