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JinYuXuan is proud to be recongnized for green food commitment
Afternoon Pu-erh Tea
Famous Chinese Author, Qiuyu Yu, tasted Pu-erh at JinYuXuan
Our house tea master, Ms. Di Liu, served Pu-erh at BaiLin Temple
This Spring in Ancient Tea Mountains
JinYuXuan Launches New Product Packaging
JinYuXuan Registered Trademarks Associated with Famous Tea Mountains in Yunnan
JinYuXuan Teas Are Available in HK
An Interesting Blog
Zen Tea
Zen Master MingHai Visited Our Wild Old Tea Tree Plantation
JinYuXuan Vintage Pu-erh and Tea Ceremony Appeared on CCTV-2
JinYuXuan Pu-erh Teas Are Selected as Gift Teas to 2006 NPC and CPPCC
JinYuXuan Opened VIP Branch in Kunming
Ms. Dong Judging Vintage Pu-erh at Yunnan Classic Pu-erh Appreciation Event
A Designer Tea House
TeaHub is launching AnXi Tie Guan Yin Tasting Set
TeaHub is launching Dong Ting Pi Lo Chun/Bi Luo Chun Tasting Set
TeaHub's new offering - Tea Pets


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