Words From Our Customers

We received many warm feedbacks from our satisfied customers. Here are just a few samples of their comments:

"I like the teas very much. I will probably buy more in the near future. I especially like the Purple Tea and the Old Tree Curly Black Tea. The others are also very good." - Steve F.,Mountainview, California

"They were packed very well, and the metal tea containers provided excellent (and very attractive!) protection. Also, the packaging of the Golden Da Mo bing cha is beautiful... You have described their quality and characteristics quite accurately, which I appreciate very much. I'm especially pleased with the Golden Da Mo bing cha, which was the main tea I wanted to try. It's excellent, and no doubt I'll be ordering more soon. The Feng Huang Dan Cong and Anxi Tie Guan Yin are well above average, and the Pu-erh Golden Bud is surprisingly flavorful for a loose pu-erh. Please note, however, that it was your quick and informative responses to my emails that persuaded me to place an order with your company -- and I'm very glad I did!" - M.P.,Honolulu, Hawaii

"I have tried them all now and they are indeed good, My tastes are driving me more towards aged greens than the ripe though. However your aged ripe is very good. Your "Golden Da Mo" has potential." - Mike P., Martinsville, Virginia

"I love the Bilouchun, the black teas and the pu-erh, and the Long Jing is growing on me." - Lars M., Norway

"Just tried the 15-year-old loose-leaf. It was amazing. Probably one of the best teas I've ever had--can't find that sort of tea in the US. Anyway, I'm enjoying the tea." - James B., Birmingham, Alabama

" I received the teas last night. The book and the teapot were just gorgeous. The bamboo box was lovely as well. Will definitely order one more teapot next time!" - Kevin F., Martinez, California

"I have received the cake and am very pleasantly surprised. I found the liquor to be both delicate and powerful, perhaps complex is a better word for what I found. Honey like sweetness, touches of rose, roasted walnut, and maybe a bit of cacao are all discernible. I am fascinated by the cake itself, which flaked easily indicating at least a couple of years age, though the liquor was obviously well under the ten year mark. " - Bill A., Snohomish, Washington

"Ancient Tea Tree Mao Jian - I think this is very interesting tea. First I have to mention physical effects it invokes in me. Very powerful! While all good teas have notable physical effects(dizzyness, calmness and overall serenity, to name but a few), no tea has ever before been this strong in this respect! The taste of this tea is very, very sensitive. Almost too sensitive for my liking, as I usually like very strong-tasting teas. But it's really rich in aromas! Probably one of the richest of teas I have tasted. Together the sensitive taste and rich aromas create a very good experience. It does not make me scream in wild burst of happiness: "This is the greatest tea of all times!", but it raises a smile on my face every time I take a sip. :) "- Ville V., Finland

"I brewed it (Song Zhong Dan Cong) this morning, 5g in a 10cl teapot; this tea is an absolute masterpiece. I'm a dancong fan, and it is one of the best I've tasted in my life. It is rare to come across such quality...The cold brewing was amazing too ! Actually, I still can't get over this dancong, its complexity, it's endless layers of aroma and taste." - Nadim A., France

The "Spring Huo Shan Huang Ya" is a special #tea ! So clean and refreshing! Delicate, yet tasty! I look forward to the other teas. @TeaBoat

Just had a divine tasting of Pre-Ming Dong Shan Bi Luo Chun #tea from @TeaHub . So delicate, yet on the other hand full of aroma and flavor. @TeaBoat

Drinking WuYi Da Hong Pao from @TeaHub Also known as "The Great Red Robe." Extremely Top-Notch! @TeaBoat

My first steeping of @TeaHub 's moderately roasted Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe). Excellent, and looking forward to subsequent steepings. @39Steeps


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