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Famous Chinese White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea׺룩 USDA Certified Organic - The highest grade white tea from China, Silver Needle is made of single tea buds from early spring. We worked closely with our award winning white tea producer to come up with this special offer. Our organic Silver Needle was harvested prior to Qing Ming. It not only has beautiful leaves, but also has pleasant sweet, mellow taste, and refreshing aroma. 2-3 infusions/3-4g leaves
White Peony White Tea (ĵ) USDA Certified Organic - Another popular white tea by our award winning white tea producer. White Peony is made of one bud and one to three leaves. The higher the grade, the less the leaves. Our organic White Peony was made of one bud and one leave C the highest grade. Our White Peony offers refreshing, mellow taste. 3-4 infusions/3-4g leaves
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